Board Leadership Agility

In turbulent times, your change capacity as a CEO, General Manager or Executive Director is a highly valuable asset. To develop this capacity to a higher level of leadership agility, you need an integrated approach. Both individually and collectively as a Board.
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Agile Board Teams

Your Board team needs to be agile. To improve its team agility we focus on the quality of senior-level relationships.
This includes the influence of (inter) national cultural differences of individual Directors and its impact on team dynamics.

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Supervisory Board Review

For profit or non-profit organizations headquartered in the Netherlands the Institute offers options for a regular Supervisory Board assessment (RvC or RvT in a two-tier system). National and cultural diversity is taken into account and assessments are available in Dutch and English. For more information please contact us by phone 0031-(0)33-47 55 558.

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Welcome to our site! The Institute for Governance & Leadership is an independent and privately held organization based in the Netherlands to support the development of international boards of directors.

Phone international:  0031 33 47 55 558
Phone local:  033 47 55 558
Email:  office -at-
Office hours:  09.00 - 21.00  CET
(Amsterdam Time) Monday to Friday.

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Board Decision-Making

This eBook contains the results of our research on team culture and its impact on the quality of Board decision-making. Boards can make better decisions by developing an excellent team culture.

Our approach is evidence-based and hands-on. This eBook contains many best practices based on more than one hundred interviews with Governance experts, Chairpersons and CEO’s.

This book was written for an international audience.

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“Based on over 100 interviews, the authors, Daniel Le Gras and Jacques Gerards, thoroughly canvas what really and universally impacts board performance. This book is very important, user-friendly, and a must read for board and committee chairs, other directors, and senior management and advisors reporting to boards.”

Dr. Richard Leblanc
PhD Associate Professor, Law, Governance & Ethics
York University, Toronto, Canada
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